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The Grass Roots Camping Club

The Grass Roots Camping Club is an organisation set up to facilitate the meeting of like minded people who enjoy traditional camping and caravanning holidays. We would like to identify safe and suitable locations for people to enjoy and engage with the natural environment, a place to relax and explore and to encourage families and individuals to socialise in the great outdoors.

Our Story

What we are about


An Idea Is Born

We came to West Wales in 2010 for a change of lifestyle and have been running and developing our own campsite, Greenore, since then. We have met many wonderful and fascinating people, lots of whom have said they would love to do what we have done. With this in mind we began thinking about how we could help. In June last year The Grass Roots Camping Club was formed. In December our application was approved and the Welsh Government granted us the final stage, the jurisdiction for us to issue exemption certificates to land owners and existing camp site owners within Wales. 

If you are interested in becoming a Grass Roots Certificated Site please get in touch. You will benefit from being able to advertise freely on relevant websites and your customers will enjoy affordable membership (£5.00 per family/couple per year) We could have you up and running within 6 weeks subject to meeting our criteria.




Our own campsite

Our own, well established camp site, Greenore, is a Grass Roots Certificated Site. For information of what we at Greenore have to offer and to see if you are thinking along the same wavelength feel free to visit our website at  

Greenore Campsite Tremain West Wales SA43 1SL

Take a look at  our own campsite

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